NASCAR Where Never is Heard a Disparaging Word

NASCAR Where Never is Heard a Disparaging Word

Thursday, 07 July 2016
Dennis Michelsen

NASCAR Where Never is Heard a Disparaging Word

Tune into ANY stick and ball sport for a game and you are guaranteed to hear one of the television announcers criticize the officiating of the game. Why? Because human beings officiate games and human beings make mistakes. Now tune into any NASCAR race and count the number of times in one season that you hear the television or radio announcers criticize NASCAR officiating. You will still have fingers left over even if you didn’t play nice with fireworks over the 4th of July Holiday weekend. NASCAR has become the place where never is heard a disparaging word and the fans are considered idiots all year.

Last week’s officiating of the end of the Xfinity Series race at Daytona International Speedway was horrible. Ryan Newman was so incensed that he embarrassed NASCAR during the driver meeting before Saturday night’s Cup race. Xfinity driver Darrell “Bubba” Wallace Jr got fined $15,000 for tweeting that the Muppets were officiating the race. RaceTalkRadio’s Lori Munro captured the hypothetical meeting between Bubba and the NASCAR official in an epic cartoon this week! Let me explain why the only thing Bubba should be worrying about is for the Muppets to sue him for disparaging THEIR character by comparing them to NASCAR officials!

Thank you Darrell Wallace Jr to dare speak the truth!

For those who didn’t see the ending of the race let me explain what happened. During NASCAR overtime there was a huge wreck on the last lap that ended with multiple cars against the wall and strewn all over the track. NASCAR waited until the lead cars in the pack were about 2 seconds from reaching the checkered flag before finally throwing the caution ending the race. Confusion ensued with the television announcers trying to find a definitive look of which car was ahead when the caution flag flew. Some of the replays seemed to indicate Justin Allgaier had won and others that Aric Almirola had won. The win eventually was given to Almirola. Now let me explain why NASCAR was wrong for what they did and that NO defense can be given for their actions.

NASCAR says they took the action they did because of safety concerns. If that is the case they SHOULD have thrown the caution flag as the field raced into turn three because the wreck didn’t suddenly get worse. NASCAR says they waited to see if cars would start rolling letting them race back to the finish line. A lap at Daytona International Speedway takes about 45 seconds to complete. NASCAR waited at least 25 seconds before throwing the caution so why not wait an additional 2 seconds for the field to cross the finish line? Either safety comes first and you instantly throw the caution OR you wait two more seconds for the race to end normally removing the officials from deciding who wins and who loses.

You can’t have it both ways!

NASCAR makes the rules so they can also change the rules on when safety equipment rolls on a last lap caution. NASCAR says they can’t let safety crews on the track until the cars all slow down. Why? Other race series including Indy Car roll their safety crews as soon as possible after a wreck.

NASCAR has done a masterful job at controlling the story that gets presented by the media following NASCAR races. Drivers can get a fined just as much for tweeting the truth (Or their opinion) than throwing punches at their fellow competitors or failing technical inspection with their cars. NASCAR either puts safety first and throws the caution earlier or they wait another two seconds for the race to end, either decision is better than what they did at Daytona last Friday night. Meanwhile the NASCAR media is quick to find a way to defend every officiating call by NASCAR no matter how Muppet-like the decision is at the end of the race.

Sing it with me everyone…

Home, home in the NASCAR press

Where the media works hard with word play

Where never is heard a disparaging word

And the officiating is perfect all day


  1. Ann says:

    Nice caricatures.

  2. Ken says:

    They fined Bubba because they knew he was right. There is a good reason for the downward spiral.

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