NASCAR has Trust Issue with Fans

NASCAR has Trust Issue with Fans

Tuesday, 24 January 2017
Dennis Michelsen

NASCAR has Trust Issue with Fans

The most frightening words for years to people were “I am from the government and I am here to help you.” For us NASCAR fans you could substitute “NASCAR Executives” for “Government” and understand why this announcement from NASCAR last night is meeting with some resistance from us old school fans. Tradition means a lot to us old school fans which is why we rise for the prayer and National Anthem. NASCAR fans have never trusted NASCAR Executives they were always quick to think their favorite driver’s manufacturer was being screwed over but this latest announcement ruined that last ounce of trust. Does NASCAR even realize they have a trust issue with the fans?

Word choice always tells you a lot about what people are thinking.

Over the years NASCAR has heard many old school fans criticize the Chase. Even a few brave souls reporting on the sport have joked about the Chase to the Chase and the over use of the word Chase over the years as we raced towards the Chase. Remember back in 2004 when NASCAR was so adamant that we NOT call this new system for deciding a champion the “Playoffs?” Now NASCAR has solved people being upset with the Chase by simply calling their system the playoffs.

Over the years NASCAR has heard many people complain about how often they change the rules. People have joked that the NASCAR rule book must come in erasable ink because it seems that every week the rules are changed. How did NASCAR announce the most massive change to the rules in their 60 plus year history? They didn’t call them “Rule Changes” they called them “Enhancements.” Problem solved!

Over recent years NASCAR has heard many people say that NASCAR made decisions on their own without consulting anyone. The last few times changes were made they claimed that a survey of the “Fan Council” was behind making the changes. This time around for the big reveal of the rule changes, excuse me enhancements, they assembled all of the people NASCAR fans love. These people you admire were all in on the decision making process so you will love these rule changes, excuse me enhancements, to the racing too.

Did anyone else want to see the NASCAR drivers and television commentators hooked up to a lie detector machine that were telling us how much they love these rule changes, excuse me enhancements, and how much we will love them? NASCAR buys people’s opinions like some companies buy Twitter and Facebook likes to the point that nobody with half a brain believes what we are being told any more.

Up is down, right is left, sunny is cloudy in today’s NASCAR world.

How well did changing the formula that led to success over the years work for Coca-Cola back in 1985? How well did moving the traditional Southern 500 date at Darlington work back in 2003? Thankfully both moves were changed back and people rejoiced!

Now the same NASCAR commentators that have told us for the last two dismal years how great we would think the racing has been if we only appreciated the finer aspects of racing are telling us that rule changes, excuse me enhancements, are needed for the sport to reach that magical next level. Are we supposed to believe those same people when they contradict what they have been saying for the last two years? NASCAR has a trust issue with their fans and apparently the important people in Daytona fail to understand that is the biggest problem of all.

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  1. rtr2016 says:

    Sadly when NASCAR peaked and leveled off, they scrambled to try and “fix” what they thought was broke, only to break it more, and more, and more. Should have left well enough alone 15 years ago.

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