What If These NASCAR Rule Changes Fail

What If These NASCAR Rule Changes Fail

Wednesday, 25 January 2017
Dennis Michelsen

What If These NASCAR Rule Changes Fail

It sure is ironic that the same NASCAR media members who have told us how great the racing has been over the past two years have been working so hard the last two days explaining how these rule changes, excuse me enhancements, are vital to the future of NASCAR. If we were only at the track every week we would see how hard these guys are racing and how much beating and banging goes on that for some reason the television partners with eighty-seven cameras have missed. “There is nothing wrong with NASCAR it is greater than ever before,” is what we were being spoon fed just a few weeks ago. Then the first of the memos from Daytona were sent to the media insiders and suddenly massive rule changes, excuse me enhancements, were needed to get this sick patient off life support. What if these NASCAR rule changes fail?

NASCAR clearly handed out rule change, excuse me enhancements, hymnals for all of the NASCAR choir to sing from in unison. How else can you explain guys as diverse as Dale Earnhardt Jr, Jack Roush and Brad Keselowski using the same words as the Godfather Dave Moody on radio and Jim Utter on Motorsport.com. This has been the most orchestrated rule change, excuse me enhancements, in the history of the sport. As Mr. Utter pointed out in his excellent article “Why the Process Behind NASCAR’s Format Change is Important” this time around NASCAR did get a bunch of the players and broadcasters involved in deciding the new rule changes, excuse me enhancements. I suppose that is the old we are all in the same boat thing but did ANYONE in that room ask for a change to the cars?

Ever since NASCAR removed power from the Cup series cars before the start of the 2015 season with the idea of making the competition better the racing has actually gotten worse. This is not some subjective opinion this is based on the same statistics used to say that 2014 was one of the greatest seasons of all time! The number of green flag passes for the lead that occurred outside of green flag pit stop sequences are significantly down over the past two years. This should not be a shock because the quality of racing in both the Xfinity Series and the Camping World Truck Series declined when power was taken away from the race vehicles involved.

What racing needs is more power and less downforce, but it’s gone completely the other way. Driving a race car should be more difficult and it should look that way- I think that’s what people enjoy.” Dan Gurney

Shouldn’t NASCAR consult and consider the advice from racing greats instead of television commentators?

The whole problem with the rule changes, excuse me enhancements, announced by NASCAR on Monday evening is that they are designed to appeal to new fans not the loyal and existing fans that have supported NASCAR through thick and thin. I am shocked they didn’t remain the segments of races “Quarters” to appeal to the stick and ball fans since they already decided that calling the last ten races “The Playoffs” would attract new people who didn’t understand what the word “Chase” meant. They are also trying to appeal to the younger demographic with a short attention span. What if these rule changes, excuse me enhancements, fail?

Future NASCAR PR Release January 15, 2018 Daytona Beach, Florida

NASCAR announced the hiring of Special Assistant to the CEO Miss Piggy. Her role will be to pick out the best pork chops for tying around the necks of the drivers so more people want to play with them at events during the upcoming season. “This latest innovation is sure to delight fans of all ages and we assure them the NASCAR drivers are 100% Gluten Free,” said NASCAR CEO and Grand Pubbah Brian France.

NASCAR did not have a comment about the unexpected seismic activity in the Daytona area which experts believe was two generation of France family members rolling over in their graves.


  1. Ken says:

    We will hear a few years of “best racing ever” for a few years as the audience continues to drop just like we have been hearing for years. On the plus side for NASCAR, most of us true race fans are dying off or losing our minds so we won’t care. The new fans will be around for a short period of time before they lose interest and go on the the next newest thing. NASCAR will again make new rules and try to be something new again and it will continue to fail.

  2. dmic says:

    When I have been asked whether the racing is better or worse today than “Back in the Day” my answer was always “It’s just different.” However, the last two seasons have been tough to watch. Let them have horsepower back and the gimmicks won’t be needed. Thanks for the feedback Ken!

  3. MarkM says:

    NASCAR 2019, a look into the future.

    After Monster Energy decided not to return as the title sponsor, we at NASCAR spent a long time finding a new title sponsor that would fit our profile. Now, & only halfway through the 2019 season we’re proud to announce that Red Wigglers, “The Cadillac Of Worms” will sponsor the rest of the season. It was a long & stressful period of negotiation, but we managed to get them to offer fifty cents & a cup of live worms to be awarded to the season champion, or the playoff champion, or, whoever we can figure out is in front at some point. Correction, that’s fifty cents or a cup of live worms awarded, not both.

    There are other changes to our points format as we endlessly tweak this system:

    1-After each race segment, the drivers will have to get out & chug a beer. The driver that chugs the fastest starts on the pole for the next segment & gets ten points.

    2-For the first segment, the drivers have to have a U-Haul trailer attached to their cars, filled with their most valuable belongings. Each time something falls out they lose a point. Expect lots of debris cautions in this segment.

    3-Segment two will start with a ten lap foot race around the track.

    4-For segment three, the drivers will play musical cars, switching cars & teams every two laps. Except for the last ten laps, where they get back in their own cars & run the opposite way around the track.

    5-We’re adding a fourth segment, where we’ll lay out an obstacle course on the track with orange cones. For each cone a driver knocks down, they lose a point & have to pit & chug a beer.

    We’re also starting a NASCAR “Ride Along” program, where at random times in random events we’re going to make random numbers of drivers carry along a lucky fan as their passenger. It may be for a lap, ten laps, an entire segment, or an entire race, who knows? We sure don’t!

    Also we’re changing the driver introductions. There are now so few fans attending that it will be faster for the fans to introduce themselves to the drivers, rather than vice versa.

    We hope you find these changes as exciting as we do!

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