Hey Dale Jr Stick to NASCAR Not Immigration

Hey Dale Jr Stick to NASCAR Not Immigration

Wednesday, 01 February 2017
Dennis Michelsen

Dale Earnhardt Jr and Immigration: An Open Letter

After President Trump signed an executive order restricting travel for foreign nationals from seven war torn countries many celebrities and sports stars added their two-cents to the debate. Similar to many of the voices from Hollywood or sports, NASCAR’s Dale Earnhardt Jr tweeted the following.

“My fam immigrated from Germany in 1700s escaping religious persecution. America is created by immigrants.”

The Tweet was innocent enough but the interview following the Tweet storm was what really showed Dale Earnhardt Jr’s lack of knowledge on the situation. A few years ago Dale Jr also was on the progressive side in the Confederate Flag issue too. While everyone is entitled to their own opinion, I felt an open letter to Dale Earnhardt Jr on politics might be in order since I am also entitled to MY own opinion.

Dear Dale,

First, it is great to see you healthy and back in NASCAR because my favorite sport is better with you in the driver’s seat.

Now that I got the good stuff out of the way its time to let you know why your “Tweet Heard Around the World” lacked nuance. Similar to when you threw the Confederate Flag under the bus after the shooting in South Carolina you might want to steer clear of politics to not alienate the NASCAR fan base. While the Confederate Battle Flag has been adopted by some idiots that flag means a lot to folks with Southern Roots who do not have a racist bone in their bodies. Similarly this suspension of travel has the sort of a majority of Americans according to polling by Rasmussen Reports and an even larger majority of NASCAR fans.

As basketball legend Michael Jordan famously said when asked about why he wasn’t more outspoken when it came to politics he said, “Republicans buy sneakers too.”

Whenever I see some celebrity parroting the biased media message on ANYTHING it is concerning. Yes we are ALL a nation of immigrants unless your name is “Running Bear” but the world is a more dangerous place than it was back in the 1700s when the Earnhardt Clan set sail for the New World.

In case you missed this in your history lessons in school the use of the word “Caliphate” by the leader of ISIS should concern everyone. European countries have been over run by refugees escaping the violence in the Middle East. Unlike your ancestors and mine who sought to assimilate into the American way of life some of these new immigrants have a different view of the world.

Those showing their allegiance to ISIS are still fighting the Crusades!

Would you open the doors to your house and invite 50,000 Dale Earnhardt Jr fans to come visit your house this weekend without having any security screening in place?

All that President Trump did last week was to say it was time for a “Black Flag” to be flown on immigration from seven countries that the Obama Administration said could not provide proper documentation on their citizens. Just as you would not let a bunch of Dale Earnhardt Jr fans to invade your house without security in place the USA Government is taking the same strategy with these new immigrants.

NASCAR has done enough to alienate their loyal fans without having the sport’s biggest star speak out on an issue by just parroting the biased view of the dishonest media.

Have a great test session in Phoenix this week and I hope we see you in Victory Lane early and often in the new season.


Dennis Michelsen

“A Concerned NASCAR Fan”


  1. Joe Jacalone says:

    Dennis, you are spot on! Celebrities think because they have a fan base, that means that their opinions on anything are important. He sounds just like another of the new “progressives”. Stick to what you know, Mr. Earnhardt, which is getting sponsors.

  2. Phil Fenutl says:

    The dumbest article I’ll read all year. Crawl back in your hole, Dennis.

  3. Steve says:

    I’m not a fan of Dale Jr., but I like him as a person. He seems pretty down to earth and an all around good guy. This is why I cringed when I saw him try to take some kind of political stand. Celebrities/athletes etc would be wise to stay very clear of these topics. They have nothing to gain from it. From a political stand point, its just sad that the majority of people that are upset, never educated themselves about what the order meant. They saw the word ban and went ballistic. Of course the liberal media will have everyone believe that nobody is allowed into this country anymore, which is a bunch of garbage. I’m really tired of politics being injected into my sports constantly now. I watch sports to get away from that crap. It would be nice if we could just stick to sports.

    • dmic says:

      Thanks for adding to the discussion Steve…Dale Jr is as nice to deal with as he comes off on television I just think he accepted the tainted media narrative on this one and I felt obligated to point a few things out

      • Steve says:

        Dennis, please don’t take this as a dig on you. I just think as a whole, sports are, or will, take a big hit if they continue to inject politics into it. People are getting more and more tired of it, especially with what’s going on recently. The NFL went through it this year with the whole Kapaernick thing. With attendance and viewership lagging greatly, Nascar doesn’t need to lose more fans because of something like this.

        • dmic says:

          Not at all Steve…your comment was right on the money!! I promise I will get back to being upset with NASCAR rule changes starting again with next week’s commentary on the “Good, Bad and the Ugly” about the new format!! Thanks for sounding off that is why we have a comments section to hear compliments, criticism and everything else!!

  4. Al Sorensen says:

    I agree with Steve. Let’s all stick to racing here. I’m so sick of all the political “spinners” out there that have an agenda they are pushing! You have your thoughts, I have mine. Let’s not interject them into an arena that provides a few moments of relief from all the ridiculous drama that some folks preach. This country hired a new leader. Give us some time to see if it works…

  5. Ronnie Wishon says:

    Well said Dennis. All these people think we want their opinions on things going on in the world. We could care less about Jr’s opinion!

  6. Tom says:

    Wow. There is a lot in this column that is just flat out incorrect.

    First off, citing a Rasmussen poll is not a good thing. They are know to be quite inaccurate. Secondly, stating that a majority supports something is meaningless. It is a logical fallacy.

    Second, saying that this is like letting fans into house with no security at all misrepresents the current system, which is a lengthy and extensive process.

    The confederate flag points are also wildly misleading. The fact is, the flag was the symbol of hatred, slavery and southern pride, in terms of the civil war. Just because some like because it looks cool or for whatever reasons does not mean that many others see it as a sign of repression and time that in our country’s history that was shameful and the actual ownership of people.

    What the current President is doing is shameful and will only create more dangers for this country, its citizens and people that are overseas. It has nothing to do with actual safety, but rather is based on irrational and unfounded fear.

    • Sim says:

      A fair share of the things done by the previous President were dangerous, too, and the sources of your talking points can be just as inaccurate as Rasmussen. Being a rock star doesn’t make someone an expert on politics, and everything doesn’t have to be political. That’s a concept most SJWs don’t grasp.

      • Tom says:

        Well, I never commented on the previous President so that’s not really relevant. And, not I am citing things called facts. Not polls that have been proven to be inaccurate and mathematically based.

        And while everything does not have to be political, nor is he necessarily and expert he is correct in this case.

        I also have to ask – what is “SJW”?

      • Colin Baird says:

        Tom: What President Trump is doing, is exactly what he said he would do when he was running for President. That’s why he was elected, and your team lost. It’s over. Suck it up and live with it.

        • dmic says:

          Colin…it does seem shocking that our President is getting beat up for doing what he said he would do…maybe that is against the rules for politicians LOL

          Thanks for adding to the discussion

      • dmic says:

        Sim, thanks for adding to the discussion

    • dmic says:

      Tom…I have known several Black Southerners who proudly displayed a Confederate Flag tattoo on their bodies so not everyone looks at the Battle Flag as a racist symbol. Yes some idiots used that flag in that way but groups have used the cross in bad ways too and that doesn’t make the cross a racist symbol. Many have said the Gadsen Flag is also a racist symbol. Heck, darn near EVERYTHING has been called racist or some other IST, ISM or ICK over the last few years but that doesn’t make it so. Yes removing the Confederate Flag from the South Carolina Capital was a smart move but my issue was with some of what Dale Jr and NASCAR said about how NASCAR fans were using that flag among others while camping at NASCAR events. I will not waste my time commenting about anything the President has done because I cover NASCAR and only commented on the immigration situation on how it applies to Dale Jr’s comments.

      Thank you for adding to the discussion

  7. Leonard says:

    This article is a joke. Typical American redneck Republican attitude. Terrorists and Refugees are two different things.
    The biggest source of mass murder in the US is at the hands of angry, right wing white males.
    Good for Dale Jr for standing up for basic human decency and for what is right.

    • dmic says:

      Leonard firstly I have never been a Republican but since I can fix things with duct tape, chewing gum and bailing wire I suppose I qualify as a red neck. Thanks for adding to the discussion

  8. irritated says:

    Can everyone (including Jr) shut their pie hole and stick to what they know — racing. Can we just stop all the political banter. Thought the web site was called “racetalkradio”?

    If I want to hear about politics (which I don’t bec so many people are dicks forcing their opinions down everyone throats) I’ll go somewhere else.

  9. Pelota Fuefo says:

    Why in the world would a Dale Jr tweet compel a response?

  10. Fred Armisen says:

    Should take your own advice.

  11. RAEckart says:

    LOL, “… the world is a more dangerous place than it was back in the 1700s when the Earnhardt Clan set sail for the New World.”

    Please strike this line before sending the letter.

    There was no democracy in the world 1700, and dictators regularly murdered people of different sects. Nation-state wars are also way down in the late 20th/early 21st century. In other words, the western world is much safer & the rest of the world is the same as 1700.

    • dmic says:

      You were more likely to die of scurvy during the trip than anything else was my point…thanks for adding to the discussion

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