NASCAR Fans Whining Worse Than Democrats

NASCAR Fans Whining Worse Than Democrats

Wednesday, 22 February 2017
Dennis Michelsen

NASCAR Fans Whining Worse Than Democrats

What has become of the NASCAR fan base?

We used to complain about things that really mattered but this week we seem to be turning into a bunch of whiners. After weeks of moaning about the new sponsor Monster Energy Drink not doing enough to engage with NASCAR fans, the first time they do ANYTHING some fans felt obligated to whine. JAYSKI the Gold Standard for NASCAR websites changes its format and that is met with a chorus of whines.

It seems like NASCAR fans are whining worse than the Democrats whine about Donald Trump!

Monster Energy Drink Girls

The social media explosion over the attire of the Monster Energy Girls in Victory Lane made me laugh so hard I thought I was going to have an aneurysm! Did you expect them to be wearing Green Nun’s Habits with the Monster Energy logo? The only complaint I have about these outfits is that I feel sorry for these ladies when the Heat Index hits 105 this Summer! Sure their sexual attributes are being exploited but those ladies made their own choice in life to make money doing that and that should be applauded for them having that choice! Walk around ANY NASCAR track in the Summer and you will see fans dressed in a more trashy way than these ladies. One trip through the Talladega infield will make you think these outfits are too tame. Flip on any NFL Football game and you will see the cheerleaders on the sidelines wearing trashier outfits. People have ripped RaceTalkRadio’s Mike Harper when he complains about the lyrics in the Rap Crap played during driver introductions at Bristol, but those same people are now worried about the outfits of the Monster Energy Girls?


JAYSKI Silly Season Website

Nobody has done more to help promote a fair and level playing field in the NASCAR media world than JAYSKI. This man had an idea to provide NASCAR fans with the best outlet for NASCAR rumors and articles along with statistics, rule changes, penalties and so much information. It has been the Gold Standard of NASCAR websites and the best one-stop shop for NASCAR information for years. A few years ago JAYSKI sold the rights of the website to the folks at ESPN but insisted on the same level of Independence that he has always had over the years. Sometimes my articles have not made the cut to get a link on his website and unlike so many writers that complain I respected his decision. Guys like me wouldn’t have a job in this business without the help of JAYSKI to reach a larger audience. Now people are up in arms because the look of the website has changed. All of the information you came to JAYSKI for over the years is still there it just looks more like a typical ESPN website now and is also easier for fans to navigate back to ESPN. JAYSKI even had a disclaimer on the website saying how he understands people don’t like change but guess what NASCAR fans? The website loads faster than ever before especially on mobile devices and all of the same information is there! But people prefer to whine about change even when it turns out to be a positive change because they just love to whine.


As My Daddy Used to Say

I’m old enough that when I was a kid nobody came a calling when my Dad said things like, “If you want to cry about that forget it, I will give you a reason to cry!” If you feel the need to be mad at things in NASCAR why not point that anger at a better source than the Monster Energy Drink company or JAYSKI. Whine about Brian France not being at the meeting back in December where the most radical changes in the sport’s history were discussed and implemented. Whine about the lack of power in NASCAR engines that makes passing hard to do. Whine about a rule package at the Restrictor Plate Tracks that gave us exactly three green flag passes for the lead in seventy five laps during the Advance Auto Parts Clash last weekend at Daytona. Whine about the fact that even though the good folks at Advance Auto Parts stepped up to sponsor the event they couldn’t even get a mention on the television broadcast. There are more than enough things to whine about in this sport instead of whining at two things that have ZERO impact on what we see on the track!

Maybe even I need to stop whining worse than the Democrats and just enjoy the start to a brand new season!

OK NASCAR fans, now is your chance to whine about Dennis’s comments, let him have it on the message board and the best comment might get a mention on The Final Inspection NASCAR Segment with Lori and Dennis on 105.7 FM The Fan in Milwaukee this weekend! Noon CT every Saturday for the best coverage of NASCAR with Lori and Dennis and the best coverage of all of the racing world with Steve Zautke, Tony DiZinno and more.


  1. Ken says:

    I see no reason to whine about the girls or the changes at Jayski. My whining is about the changes that I don’t think were well thought out. First, we have had people complaining that the races were too long and now they are going to have two breaks added to make them longer? Second, if a car is in an accident, there is a five minute time limit to fix it on pit road and no sheet metal can be added. I think that will make drivers drive less aggressively out of fear that they may have a accident and be eliminated from the race completely. Also, if a popular driver is eliminated early because of the new rule, the fans will leave early and probably not come back for future races. If Jr. is wrecked out early for minor accident damage, if there is a decent crowd, there will be a traffic jam in the parking lot because of Jr. fans leaving. Third and last, can you imagine listening to DW and the other bobble head announcers trying to explain the new points system? I don’t think they have a clue themselves but they will spend the race “explaining” the system and confusing everyone even more.

    • dmic says:

      You make some great points Ken! Lori Munro and I talked about this last week on THE FINAL INSPECTION on 105.7FM The Fan. One thing is for sure…there have never been more changes heading into one season and I share your concerns about some of them and how the races will unfold. NASCAR forgot to figure out how to handle rain shortened races until someone mentioned it to them last week and they quickly had to send out yet another rule amendment. Crazy stuff!

  2. MartyC says:

    The new Jayski page is OK, not familiar with the other ESPN pages since I don’t follow any other sports so I’ll just take your word for it that it’s similar. There are 2 things I don’t like about the new page and I can’t find any place on it to contact anyone to make suggestions so I’ll make them here and hope somebody from there sees them. #1 When you go back from the article you read it always takes you back to the top of the page instead of back to where you were on the page meaning you have to scroll down to find where you were. #2 It used to be the links you had opened were highlighted making it easier to find where you left off on the page, now they aren’t. It would make it a lot easier to navigate the page if they went back to the old system in those 2 regards.

    • Ken says:

      I found that if you hold the control key down when you open an article, it opens in a new window for it and when you finish the article, close that window and the Jayski page is exactly where it was before.

  3. MrPandy says:

    The main problem I have with Jayski’s site these days is the lack of rumors. Back in the day, it was the best source for upcoming announcements before they were announced and ‘unnamed team member’ comments. Now that he is ‘one of them’, rather than a conduit for insiders to leak things that weren’t officially announced, the site is pretty much NASCAR’s version of the Drudge Report – an aggregation site for news, press releases and other official stories. It’s not bad, but it’s not the old, pre-ESPN Jayski.

  4. R Smith says:

    Why don’t you write an article about how Monster Energy is selectively using some transvestites as Monster Girls. For example, the “girl” on the far left of the photo above from Daytona sure looks like a tranny to me. The other three on the right are likely real women. The one on the far left is looking very tranny. Don’t let the long hair covering those big masculine shoulders decieve you. The larger head, the jaw, the long arms, large hands. They purposely try to hide their long arms by posing with their arms bent and/or hand behind their back. Don’t be fooled people, that is a tranny on the left! I would encourage you to carefully review all photos of that individual and looks very closely. Imagine short hair on that thing and you will see a man!

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