Dale Jarrett Didn’t Get NASCAR’s Memo

Dale Jarrett Didn’t Get NASCAR’s Memo

Tuesday, 21 March 2017
Dennis Michelsen

Dale Jarrett Didn’t Get NASCAR’s Memo

Have you ever noticed that when NASCAR makes a big change that most of the NASCAR media quickly falls in line?

This year when NASCAR made the largest rule changes in the history of the sport these changes were sold to fans as “Enhancements.” Not a single article, radio report or television report from the usual cast of characters in this sport mentioned “Rule Changes” which convinced me there must be an email list from NASCAR to all of the important media members. Apparently Dale Jarrett is no longer on that email list because he didn’t get the memo on the proposed rule changes for the Xfinity Series at Indy.

Yesterday NBC Sports broke the story that NASCAR plans to use restrictor plates in an attempt to increase the quality of racing in the Xfinity Series at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Ever since NASCAR moved this race in 2012 from the little track Lucas Oil Raceway Indianapolis to the big track the racing has been horrible. Last year NASCAR did a test of restrictor plates to see if they would work. The NBC Sports story yesterday told NASCAR fans that the restrictor plates will be used this year at Indy and if they work then expect restrictor plates to be used in Cup in 2018. Other tracks such as Pocono or Michigan might also add restrictor plates in the future.

The instant reaction on social media from many media members that cover the sport were along the lines of “They have to try something give it a chance.” But last night on NASCAR America Cup champion Dale Jarrett said, “It’s an awful idea. We tried restrictor plates one time at New Hampshire. Jeff Burton led every lap.”

This was clearly not what NASCAR sent out in their memo! Maybe NASCAR wasn’t aware that DJChamp99@aol.com is no longer an active address. Either that or DJ is walking on the proverbial tight rope and calling NASCAR out on a dumb decision. It has been so long since I have heard dissent among the NASCAR media on any decision made by the sanctioning body that I am not sure how they will act. Is it possible NASCAR will listen and reconsider their decision? Or will a NASCAR Hall of Famer be shunned out of the tribe?

For the record I agree with Dale Jarrett. Many years ago a famous race car driver by the name of Dan Gurney talked about what makes great racing and if anyone should know great racing it is a great driver like Mr. Gurney. He said you need to add horsepower and subtract down force. While NASCAR has been going in the right direction on the down force they have been going the wrong direction on horsepower since the 2014 season. It will be interesting to see what other NASCAR media members didn’t get the memo or realize its OK to be honest to NASCAR fans about everything!


  1. Ken says:

    There is one advantage to restrictor plates. It makes the decision to turn off the TV or not go to a race much easier. I allows us to make alternate arrangements to do something else instead of being burdened by watching or attending a race.

    I can’t think of anything that would drive fans away any faster.

  2. Steve says:

    Funny! They never should have taken the race away from IRP to begin with. The Indy experiment with stock cars has run its course. Its time to move things back to IRP. The old adage adding lipstick to a pig applies here again. Nascars way is not working. Until they let the media (who comprise some of the best minds in the sport) freely express their opinions, nothing is going to get better.

  3. m minter says:

    nascar doesn’t no anything about bringing fans to tv or the tracks,take the bump stops off
    the cars, no splitters,no spoilers on the back of the cars, go back to the cars of the 60’s. zero downforce will bring the true drivers out, the fans will come back to the tracks and to tv when you don’t have follow the leader, you can hook tow chains the cars at Daytona and wouldn’t be any different than whats going in now at the track, there should be only one rce at Daytona and Talladega, need more 1/2 mile , 3/4 mile and 1 mile tracks, lower ticket prices. get rid of waltrips,mike joy, jeff Gordon,they bring nothing to the race, nascar gives them the when you need one script, and they wonder why the rating are so bad, wheres a Barney Hall

  4. TheNASCARJeff says:

    DJ is right and so are you..

    The plates will make this an awful race..if that is possible to make it worse
    NASCAR should never have taken IRP off the schedule for Xfinity and the Trucks.

    My take is NASCAR should not run at Indianapolis Motor Speedway at all. The racing sucks and that is why the grandstands are empty.

  5. Clyde Hull says:

    One of my biggest gripes with Nascar is that they say they want to show more green flag racing. If that was the case, why do they show so many pit stops of the top teams? When I watch a race, I want to see cars passing each other, not pit stops, and not just the leader of the race. Have TV coverage show when any car passes another for the full race, and you just might lure some fans back.

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