NASCAR Invents New Definition for Insanity

NASCAR Invents New Definition for Insanity

Wednesday, 24 May 2017
Dennis Michelsen

NASCAR Invents New Definition for Insanity

The new and improved (?) NASCAR schedule for 2018 is out and the folks in Daytona have sure shaken things up. Even stranger than all of the strange changes are the fact that so many covering the sport are applauding NASCAR for trying something to add excitement to the series. Good old Albert Einstein famously said, “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results.” Apparently these new NASCAR changes came from somebody named Billy Bob Einstein because NASCAR has invented a new definition for insanity! Doing the wrong things is even more insane!  If NASCAR officials had a leaking boat they would take that boat to another lake to see if it still leaked instead of fixing the hole in their boat! Who is in charge at NASCAR headquarters and will someone please take away his crayolas?


First Playoff Race Changed

When NASCAR moved the Chicagoland Speedway race to September and made it the first race of the Chase they quickly increased the attendance at Chicagoland. The weather has usually cooperated. The media and sponsors seemed to enjoy launching the big playoff drive in one of the largest media markets in the country. Now instead of the pleasant Fall weather in Chicagoland where the average temperature is a comfortable 74 degrees Fahrenheit now NASCAR fans can boil in the average temperature of 96 degrees in Las Vegas! Where did NASCAR move the Chicago race? It is back to its old July date that struggled to sell out as a day race due to the high heat index in early July! Chicagoland Speedway did a great job rebuilding the fan base in their market and suddenly all of that goes away.

Brickyard an Elimination Race

Attendance at the big track in Indianapolis for NASCAR has gone nowhere but down over the last five years. The race has struggled due to a bad rule package that made the racing even more ordinary than it has ever been. How do you fix flailing attendance at the big event? You move the race into the middle of the start of the Big Ten football season! At least the weather will be more enjoyable in September than in their usual Summer date but instead of the focus on the winning driver getting to kiss the bricks and all of the prestige that goes with winning at the big track the media focus will be on which driver gets the 16th and final spot in the NASCAR playoffs.

Playoff Elimination on Unproven Track

Never in the history of the road course at Charlotte Motor Speedway have 40 Cup cars attempted to put on a show. Based on one test session last year the geniuses at NASCAR decided it was a good idea to have an elimination event in their playoffs be the first time ever 40 Cup cars attempted to compete on the new and improved “Roval.” Many NASCAR experts are of the opinion that since the racing on the big track at Charlotte has been very boring recently that trying a race on the “Roval” makes sense. Let me ask you a simple question, “Has the racing ALWAYS been boring at the big track or did it USED to host some exciting shows over the years?” Twenty-five years ago it was “One Hot Night” at Charlotte that people are still talking about to this day! If you needed the “Roval” to shake things up then why not just a demolition derby at the dirt track instead? Hey NASCAR here is an idea, “FIX THE AERO RULES ON THE INTERMEDIATE TRACKS!”

When I saw the announcement of the 2018 schedule I thought it was a joke. When I saw so many NASCAR media types complimenting these moves I figured they were trying out for The Onion because they felt their NASCAR writing careers would be coming to a close soon. Change for the sake of change never makes sense. Moving races without ANY regard to weather or other things going on in those markets at that time of the year makes no sense at all. NASCAR officials could have fixed the things that are ailing them instead they went the route of finding more gimmicks instead. That is the new definition of insanity NASCAR style. “Trying more gimmicks instead of fixing what ails the sport.”


  1. Jimmy Poss says:

    I posted yesterday on another site, and will say it again, what will NASCAR do when it runs out of gimmicks, tricks and side shows?

    • Dennis Michelsen says:

      Drivers dressed up as Upside Down Clowns for driver introductions is my guess! Thanks for your comment! DMIC

  2. Bill B says:

    I posted this on another site as well, but the reason making the schedule better is so difficult is the obvious conflict of interest between NASCAR the governing body and ISC the track owners being one in the same. They are limited with what they can do in regards to changing dates of existing tracks or going to new tracks (Road Course America anyone?) because the governing body serves themselves with regards to ISC tracks and, as a result, face litigation if they try to change or remove any of the SMI tracks. Ideally the governing body would be able to do what’s best for the sport and what puts asses in the seats with no regard as to track ownership.

  3. Al Torney says:

    Indy and Charlotte will prove to be disasters they may get a bump in attendence the first year fro curiosity seekers but it’s a band aid on an elephant’s ass. Of course they’ll hype the hell out of it just like they just did with Saturday night’s fiasco. Haven’t they noticed that the folks aren’t buying it anymore. I think the title of your column fits perfectly.

  4. Tom says:

    Fully agree with most of your article and certainly a different road course (other than Charlotte) would be a better choice. However, the racing at Charlotte has been awful for years and years. The “One Hot Night” you allude to “….that people are still talking about to this day!” was the short all star race not the 600 mile borefest we see year after year.

  5. Sander R.Taylor says:

    NASCAR is trying to do stupid gimmicks because their commitments with ISC and SMI. They are with their hands tied. Fans are yelling for DIFFERENT tracks. NASCAR says every time that they are listening to the fans…totally BS!! Fans, some media critics and now drivers are telling loud for more short tracks AND move the cars off the ground, getting rid of the splitters and side skirts.
    Shake actual tracks on the schedule not fix the problem. Period.
    Best regards fron Argentina.

  6. Steve says:

    I agree with Indy being a horrible spot on the calendar. I think adding the playoff element is more for hype and to try to get the prestige back and apparently they think adding the playoff element will do that. It works for Homestead. (sorry I’m not on the bandwagon that the place produces great racing. Just because the champ is crowned there, doesn’t mean its a good race)

    I think Chicagoland changing their date was a good move. The racing is not very good (hype notwithstanding), and having a race in Chicago in the middle of football season was never a good idea. They should probably make this a night race, but the date change is a good move.

    The better move would have been keeping only one race at all the current tracks and adding new ones like Iowa & another real road course or two to the schedule and shortening the schedule to 30 races and ending end of September. Of course that would involve Nascar taking money away from their own coffers since SIM and Nascar have a monopoly on race tracks, so that will never happen.

  7. Ronatola says:

    They should have some races going CLOCKWISE. That would create some buzz fer shure!

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