Carbon SuperSport 2003 – 2017

Carbon SuperSport 2003 – 2017

Friday, 10 November 2017
Dennis Michelsen


Official RaceTalkRadio Press Release

Chicago, IL: It is with great sadness that announces the passing of one of our original broadcast partners Carbon Super Sport. Carbon grew up as a young pup with wise guidance from his sister Miranda and his brother Buster to become the official “Spokes Pup” of RaceTalkRadio.

Carbon’s first appearance coincided with the start of our first NASCAR related racing show called “Doin’ Donuts” where he opened each show with a disclaimer. Carbon would go on to be the favorite voice of our marketing partners, be featured in our annual Christmas greetings and would eventually become General Manger at the station.

While this is a sad moment for everyone who loves Carbon Super Sport, he reminded us in his personal memoir titled “Dogs Ruin Everything” to cherish the days we have on this Earth. Every day we are getting closer to the final chapter of our lives. Carbon had the best day of his life the day before the last day of his life. We owe it to Carbon to live our lives the same making each day the best day of our lives just in case.

Carbon Super Sport is survived by his people Lori and Pete and his dogs Ranger and Checkers along with his broadcast partners Mike and Dennis and the millions of people he touched through his broadcasting and social media presence over the years.

As Carbon Super Sport always said, “Thank you goodbye.”

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