Why I Still Love NASCAR (Despite It’s Flaws)

Why I Still Love NASCAR (Despite It’s Flaws)

Thursday, 08 February 2018
Dennis Michelsen

Why I Still Love NASCAR (Despite It’s Flaws)

The month of February is here and to some people that means Ground Hog Day weather predictions. Others look forward to the day for lovers being guilted into buying jewelry to make up for 364 days of being an idiot. The month of February to me as always meant the arrival of the NASCAR season. This crazy brand of All American racing has been through many changes over the years with not all of those changes for the better. Television ratings have been plummeting, race track attendance has been dwindling, and sponsors are reconsidering the value of NASCAR sponsorship. But despite all of its flaws I still love NASCAR racing!

Yes the NASCAR heroes of our younger days were larger than life men whose mere presence gave us goose bumps versus today’s stars that look small enough to be jockeys. Yes you used to be able to look at a Mercury or an Oldsmobile or a Chevy or a Dodge or a Ford and know who the driver was without having to look at the number just the shape of the car and the paint scheme. Nowadays it seems every car has a new paint scheme every third race and all of the cars look like a Honda Accord with decorative decals to tell you they are a Ford or a Chevy or a Toyota. But despite these flaws I still love NASCAR racing.

Cars used to be able to spin into the infield and get bogged down in the mud only to return to the track and win. Nowadays if a car encounters a blade of grass it is likely to dissolve into an unrecognizable mess. If a team and it’s driver won the first 20 races in a row you knew by July that they were going to be champions. Nowadays a team and it’s driver could literally win the first 35 races of the season and finish fourth in the championship because of a one race showdown. We used to reward ingenuity with the rules being set before the season and if someone outsmarted NASCAR their team would be champions and nowadays laser measuring insures no team can be dominant. But despite these flaws I still love NASCAR racing.


The answer is simple it is the sight of 40 stock cars lined up two by two waiting for the pace car to make that hard left turn on to pit lane and the flag man getting ready to wave the green flag that still gives me goosebumps after all these years. The roar of those 40 cars coming up to speed battling for position side by side not sure if someone was going to make a ill timed move causing chaos up front or back in the pack. Being able to finally sit back down in my seat after the pack spreads out and the relative speed of each car starts being known as the laps tick by one after one. If you don’t still feel those goosebumps before the start of any race I actually feel sorry for you.

Welcome back NASCAR it’s time for Speedweeks to begin!

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  1. Jimmy Poss says:

    I agree. As much as I disagree with all the things NASCAR today gives me . I still watch, listen and follow. I should’ve known the day my dad snuck an over size cooler in Talladega , I was hooked for life.

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