One Lap Down with Lori Munro

One Lap Down with Lori Munro

Thursday, 16 August 2018
Lori Munro

More drivers step away from full-time driving duties; The Biff’s camera prowess costs him a dollar in civil court and learns that tennis players suck; Dale Jr behind the wheel at Brickyard; Pinty’s, Indy, ARCA updates; Birthdays of the Week, Bristol schedule and weather report; Social Media Madness with wives of the drivers TV show. All this and more – One Lap Down with Lori Munro, since 2006


  1. Jimmy Poss says:

    Great job as always!! But, LOL! I absolutely promise I wont be watching the NASCAR wives,rush to the bottom to compete with every other sports wives reality show…For some reason, why can’t I see Linda Petty, Martha Jarrett or Judy Allison doing a show? What happen NASCAR??????

    • Lori Munro says:

      Thanks Jimmy! I appreciate it! Can you imagine though, the wives back in the day? That would be a cool tv show. Who’s wife was it that had a brick in her purse to swing around at folks? Now that’s entertainment!

      • Jimmy Poss says:

        I have heard of that. I just can’t Remember who that was. It cheapens it if I google it. Please let me know if u remember.

        • Lori Munro says:

          LOL we think alike! I don’t want to cheapen it either. Hope someone else comes along and posts it or we remember

  2. Mriss Ukelis says:

    Thanks for info on NASCAR racing…learned more on your RTR than from the news we get in the foreign country called CANADA.
    Sorry cant leave my name or E-mail in case they want to deport me…thanks again for all info LAM. was forced to enter name & email

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