Odds and Ends- We All Fall Down and Hello CBS Sports Channel

Odds and Ends- We All Fall Down and Hello CBS Sports Channel
Each week I take a random tour of the world of NASCAR (Mostly) and give my take on the latest news. I hope you bring your funny bone to the party and take the good natured jabs in a responsible way. You will also find my “Fantasy Insight” predictions for this week’s race complete with the best computer analysis available for NASCAR racing!

And now on with the show…

We All Fall Down
The state of NASCAR reporting really concerns me. Here is how an average week goes nowadays. Writer X publishes an article with a rumor and five more writers publish an article talking about that article. It doesn’t matter how far fetched the rumor might be or whether the original writer did their due diligence of good reporting techniques. The result is a flood of Twitter and Facebook messages that make that original rumor look like it is 100% true. Finally over the weekend a reporter actually does some real reporting and the original rumor is put to rest. Could you ever imagine Tom Higgins writing a story about what Steve Waid wrote back in the day? Over the next few weeks I will be grading the rumor makers to see whose batting average is the best and worst in the NASCAR media. NASCAR has worked hard to control the story lines every week by sending out story ideas and running the NASCAR Web Service and we have all fallen down.

Hello CBS Sports Channel
Last Saturday night the CBS Sports Channel brought us live ARCA racing from Elko Speedway. Over the past decade our ARCA short track races have disappeared leaving this once great series showing off their worst races. ARCA on the speedways might be important from a driver development standpoint but races at Michigan and Pocono are often the worst races of the year in ARCA. Now ARCA has bought time on the CBS Sports Channel and brought Rick Benjamin’s media service in to cover three races from short tracks this season. The Elko broadcast brought back memories of the old ESPN coverage of NASCAR racing where race fans got what they want…great race coverage without the cutesy BS. Rick Benjamin was superb as the play by play man and nobody knows ARCA better than Andy Hillenburg who was Rick’s sidekick in the booth. They also bring us dirt racing with our good friend Dave Rieff calling the action. Hello CBS Sports Channel I never knew you existed until you started bringing us race coverage. I hope we get ALL of the ARCA short track races next season!

Chase Rules Working
It is time for a confession…I was wrong about these Chase rules. OK so I still think 16 drivers making the playoffs is too many but we have not heard many drivers saying those most awful words this season. “We had a great point’s day.” Those words can be banished to some corner of the NASCAR Hall of Fame as an explanation to new fans how the old reliance on points took away the exciting NASCAR action we remembered from the 1970s and 80s. Maybe NASCAR needs to go all in and make winning even more important! Forget limiting the field to 16 drivers leave it wide open ONLY to race winners and the driver leading the points after Richmond. (If that driver hasn’t won a race yet) Let only the race winners from the first six Chase races along with the point’s leader advance to the final four race playoff and then make a win in the last four races worth a 25 point bonus! The Chase rules are working better than I imagined they would.

Fantasy Insight-Kentucky
Every week I break down the statistics for the upcoming race with my exclusive Pro Power Ratings. Here is this week’s fearless forecast for Kentucky.

Top Tier 92+
Driver PRO
J Johnson 93.88- Top dog week in and week out now
Second Tier 90.00-91.99
J Gordon 91.00- Lowest Horses for Courses in top tiers
K Harvick 90.74- His kind of race track
Keselowski 90.54- Stronger at KY than others in this track type
Third Tier 85.00-89.99
M Kenseth 89.80 – Consistency Rating low among top tier drivers
Earnhardt Jr 89.54- Another top ten likely
J McMurray 88.86- Another track where driver could win
C Bowyer 88.44- MWR teams a big mystery right now
J Logano 88.00- Highest Horses for Courses rating
K Kahne 87.64- Is he racing for his job?
Ku Busch 87.28- The rougher the track the better Kurt Busch
C Edwards 86.32- Still hard to like Roush at speedways
T Stewart 85.36- Will the real Smoke please show up?

Win- Joey Logano- Strong at this track and my hunch bet of the week
Place- Jimmie Johnson- Must have this guy in top picks every week
Show- Kevin Harvick- His kind of track despite that #@%& pit crew
Longshot- (20 to 1 Odds or More) Jamie McMurray- Great bet at 40-1 odds

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