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Lori Munro is an integral part of  Race Talk Radio with her endless quest for fixing things, even if they’re not broke. A part of RTR from the beginning, Lori has created, morphed and evolved the look and feel of Race Talk Radio with her technical skills and saavy, graphic abilities and outstanding good looks.

loriSome of Lori’s audio production abilities include the creation of “The Dakar Diary” back in 2006 which aired regularly on Race Talk Radio and covered every stage of the famous “Dakar Rally” when it was still in Africa. Another of Lori’s creations is “The Cargo Light Review” which was a weekly show catering to NASCAR’s Craftsman Truck series and although race results and news were first and foremost, the series also has an air of improv and fiction which made things even more entertaining!

Lori’s brainchild called “One Lap Down” was also a regular piece on RTR featuring all the latest racing news and could be heard several times per week on our airwaves and was also used for bumper content during regular programing.

Lori researched, recorded and produced these pieces in their entirety, all while creating some pretty neat content on her highly popular website “Lori’s War Wagon – 200 mph cartoons”. Her cartoon-art has been featured on many websites including a regular spot on several of the Knight Ridder online publications such as the Charlotte Observer and That’s Racin, along with Jayski.com and many other popular online venues.

knoxvilleexhibitIn 2005, Tom Schmeh of the National Sprint Car Hall of Fame in Knoxville introduced the artwork of Lori Munro on display in the Donald Lamberti National Sprint Car Museum. This exhibit of cartoon art, featuring NASCAR drivers who have roots in open-wheel competition, debuted for the 15th annual Knoxville 360-cubic-inch Sprint Car Nationals and the 45th annual Knoxville 410 c.i. Sprint Car Nationals.

You can see more of Lori’s artwork on her website Lori’s War Wagon, follow her on Twitter or Instagram or Facebook




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