I know... we've heard it... "why can't I hear your show"?

Well, now you can!

We've just launched our brand new player that you can also hear on your iPhone, iPad, Android, you name it. Fully HTML5 and now here to solve the all the world's problems! YOU'RE WELCOME!

If you're visiting our .com website and using an iPhone or small screen, you will be automatically redirected to our new .mobi site fully optimized for small devices. iPads will still view the full version of RaceTalkRadio.com but you can go directly to our mobile site if you want.. but you don't need to as we're viewable and listenable EVERYWHERE! Even in the garage, barn or washroom!

Mama said this day would come!

So we've ended all the B.S. and now living in the 21st century.



If you've wanted to take RaceTalkRadio with you, wherever you go, now you can! Listen to our LIVE* streaming programs ANYWHERE, on your phone. If that weren't enough, our On Demand shows are also available for your listening pleasure.

Listen to shows LIVE like Doin Donuts, the Thunder Crew, SPEEDFreaks and more when they are LIVE! No need to rush home or to your computer and risk missing your favorite RaceTalkRadio shows!

*Please refer to our LIVE radio schedule for times and dates of the shows or events that are available on the LIVE stream. On Demand shows also available "On The Go".


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