Making the Grade: Kentucky Slipping and Sliding
Dennis Michelsen

What happens when you have a newly paved and reconfigured race track, a mystery tire nobody tested, a low downforce package, and limited practice due to weather? You get the Quaker State 400! This will not go down as an instant classic but there was no short of carnage with ten cautions due to crashes. Let’s get our red marker out and hand out some grades. Race Grade: C+ This was another tough race to grade but other than the...

Monday, 11 July 2016
Making the Grade- Fool Me Twice Shame on Me Edition
Dennis Michelsen

Making the Grade- Fool Me Twice Shame on Me Edition After each NASCAR Sprint Cup race weekend I hand out one grade for each letter grade and a review of the television broadcast and event too. Race fans seldom agree with my opinion but it is hard to get 10 race fans to agree on whether it is partly cloudy or mostly sunny most days. Let’s get the red marker out and grade the race at Michigan International Speedway. And...

Tuesday, 18 August 2015
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