Where Have the NASCAR Critics Gone?
Mike Harper - SOZ

Statement about the future of the Thunder Crew Radio Show is at the bottom of this column… If you’ve followed NASCAR over the past five years you know without a doubt the times have changed. As I mentioned in ‘Did NASCAR Push Carl Edwards Away?’ the industry will continue to get smaller.  It’s not all bad and it’s not all NASCAR’s fault.  For example, the Internet and economic challenges from several years ago killed print media.  This caused the job...

Tuesday, 07 February 2017
NASCAR Never Gets Mad They Get Even
Dennis Michelsen

NASCAR Never Gets Mad They Get Even If anyone knows how the inner workings of racing works it should be Roger Penske. But a few weeks ago after a controversial finish at Richmond International Raceway in the final regular season NASCAR Sprint Cup Race the Captain could not contain himself with his displeasure. Roger Penske said NASCAR better start calling infractions on restarts or restarts will continue to get more out of hand. Roger you had to know this call...

Sunday, 27 September 2015
Making the Grade- Very Large Lobster Summer Edition
Dennis Michelsen

Making the Grade- Very Large Lobster Summer Edition After each NASCAR Sprint Cup race weekend I hand out one grade for each letter grade and a review of the television broadcast and event too. Race fans seldom agree with my opinion but it is hard to get 10 race fans to agree on whether it is partly cloudy or mostly sunny most days. Let’s get the red marker out and grade the race at New Hampshire Motor Speedway. And now...

Monday, 20 July 2015
Fantasy Insight- New Hampshire Summer Edition
Dennis Michelsen

Fantasy Insight- New Hampshire Summer Edition Handicapping a NASCAR race is very similar to handicapping a horse race. Some drivers are “Horses for Courses” performing better at certain lengths or styles of tracks. By incorporating three basic ingredients in a special formula based on statistical analysis of 15 years of racing data the Pro Power Ratings have been developed. Just like Beyers Figures in horse racing the best pick is not always the highest rated competitor but reaching threshold values...

Thursday, 16 July 2015
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