Daytona 500 Special Show

Ever been to confession? In this audio special with Dennis and I, we’ll take you right to that little booth with the window… slide it open and bring you in! Well, at least Dennis had some confessions this week and YOU get to hear them!

In good old fashioned Doin Donuts style, this 30 minute piece was a pure joy to create. You’ll hear what’s on Dennis’s menu for his Daytona 500 “feast”… (I wasn’t impressed), you’ll hear who blew me away this week with his immense greatness and of course our predictions for the 500, Big Bill Venturini’s lips, who should steer clear of the Causeways in Florida and all kinds of interesting things that you didn’t even know you wanted to hear about!

Enjoy, share, crank it up and have a great weekend watching non-stop NASCAR racing!!


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