Looking Back

Race Talk Radio.
It all started back in the early 2000’s. Technology hadn’t even surpassed 2 stones being clicked together yet, but somehow we managed to stream LIVE over the internet, albeit a bit shaky sometimes but by God, we succeeded.

We came up with cool LIVE show names. Names like Doin’ Donuts, Inside ARCA, Speedway City … heck, we were even Straight Talkin’ with The Biff at one point.
Rockingham saw ARCA turn laps on the track after it had been closed for years. We were there to bring it to you LIVE… without the tin cans and strings this time.

Years passed. We streamed LIVE almost every night of the week all throughout that time. Showdown Radio, Quickchange, The Thunder Crew…. the list is long (it is, look it up on our Past Hits page )
It’s now nearing the end of 2018 and like everything in life, RTR has evolved and changed as well. One Lap Down is still in production on a weekly basis and who knows what might be just around the corner 😎 Auto racing itself has changed and we’ve all followed along watching the NASCAR roller coaster.

One thing is for sure, the passion and dedication that was there from day one at Race Talk Radio is still chugging along. It’s not a matter of “having” to do it…. it’s more of a matter of “needing” to do it. No matter the format, the quantity or sometimes even the timing, Race Talk Radio can almost be compared to an old friend.

And as the song goes, you can’t make old friends.


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